So... How Does it Work?

I’m interested. So how does it work?
It really couldn’t be easier as you and up to 11 of your closest friends simply touch the screen to start the camera, strike a pose for four pictures and then instantly get prints provided by a smiling photobooth attendant.

As the host of the event will I get copies of the photos or just my guests?
Both. We’ll provide instant photos to all of your guests and provide you with a flash drive with every photo taken. We’ll also set up an on-line gallery that will make it easy to share your photos with everyone that was unlucky enough not to be there.

You can also request a custom photobook that we’ll create on-the-spot with all the photos plus hand-written notes from all your guests - a great keepsake for weddings and birthdays.

Is your booth a traditional photo booth?
No. Our booths are free-standing with a spacious curtained enclosure that allows you to pack WAY more people into a photo than a traditional photo booth.


Okay - I’m sold. What do I need to know for bringing the photobooth to our event?
Well first off you’ll need to set aside an area of about eight feet by eight feet for the booth. We suggest finding a location that is close to the action and easy for your guests to see without interrupting the natural flow of your venue. Our photobooth is very portable and can be taken upstairs, setup outdoors and just requires a regular electrical outlet to power the booth.

What areas do you serve?
We rent photo booths throughout Calgary and the surrounding area including Banff. Be sure to contact us if you're wondering if you’re close enough.

Will you have an employee on site?
Yes. We have a photo booth attendant at every event to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Have more questions? Be sure to get in touch with us at or call 403.269.8233 and we’ll be happy to help.